MASARAT Telecom MASARAT for wire & wireless solution networks was founded on 1995 by a group of engineers specialized in Telecommunications and IT solution who got their professional experiences from European & United State American universities and perform their works in different countries . MASARAT division focuses on certain technology areas and includes the leading manufacturers in their field as well as education, training, consulting services and complementary products to complete the solution. in May 2005, MASARAT established VSAT services in Middle east and north Africa.
MASARAT provide IRAQ, Afghanistan and south of Sudan with more than 4000 VSAT system. Early of 2009 MASARAT start deliver last mile services in IRAQ using WiFi, WiMax technology depending on the ITPC fiber optics network to connect all over the country and get its international connectivity. In October 2010 MASARAT completed its Pan Iraq footprint. 2014 MASARAT, signed a contract with Iraqi Ministry of communication to operate SHALAMJA international border Gateway in the south region of Iraq, via this Gateway, MASARAT interconnected now with most Tier 1 providers in Europe and US. right now, MASARAT Telecom provide wide range of service in Iraq and the region (IP connectivity, MPLS, IPLC and NPLC). the strategic and important location of Iraq, make it play an effective role in data transit between east and west, north and south. Together, MASARAT and its partner/client can benefit from this location and our right of use of the Iraqi Network to connect the shorter way between Europe and Gulf to Asia

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