MPLS MASARAT Business Solutions MPLS VPN service offers Triple play services for organizations seeking a flexible, scalable and a high performance, private VPN network. Built on carrier-grade platforms, the service offers foolproof security, superior traffic delivery, ease of manageability and high availability.
MASARAT extends MPLS VPN to domestic and International markets providing coverage with 60+ PoPs across Iraq and reach to more than 190 locations worldwide. Built on MPLS technology, complemented with our wireline & wireless access solutions, the product securely integrates your facilities, remote employees, suppliers and partners, thereby, enabling a hybrid VPN service for your business.
The service offers your organization comprehensive control over its private data network spread across multiple geographies around the globe. With 'One touch point, One invoice, One customer portal' approach to manage all your facilities, our solution ensures that your business runs securely at ease, 24x7.

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